The Captain Sampson Snyder Family
. . . of West Virginia

Captain Sampson Snyder Family. L. to R.,
front row: Nettie, Job, Albert, Samson, Elmer, Phoebe, and Lorenza Dow --
back row: John W., Estella, Carrie, Blaine, Henry, Elizabeth (Mother) and Sampson (Father)
Captain Sampson Snyder and his twelve on the steps of his home in Harman, West Virginia (1906).
Seven moved their families west to Idaho - Five families stayed in West Virginia.

Captain Sampson Snyder
son of John Snyder and Lucinda Hensley
Elizabeth [Parsons] Bonner
daughter of Job Parsons and Ann Bonner

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Short Sketch
written by Sampson Snyder in 1904
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Sampson's sister
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Discharged, April 15, 1865
"Captain Snyder and his Twelve of West Virginia"
* Family History Book *
by Carrie Harman Roy
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Sampson Snyder Home, Harman, West Virginia, 1906

Captain Sampson Snyder
Picture of a younger Sampson Snyder, cir. 1870's

Harman, West Virginia, cir. 1900
Pic from the "Jonas Cooper Family" page.

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