Pedigree Charts for Grandparents
on my Mother's side.

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My Grandfather (on my Mother's side) . . .

Emulus Roy Brown: 1888 - 1975
Third Great Grandson of the Frontiersman, Daniel Boone

Emulus Roy Brown at Rootsweb

My Grandmother (on my Mother's side) . . .

Bessie Brown: 1897 - 1950

Bessie Brown at Rootsweb

Hugh Brown's burial site in Dade Co., Missouri - close to Ash Grove, Greene Co., Missouri . . .

Hugh F. Brown: 1826 - 1863
Grandfather of Emulus R. Brown

Margaret (Carter) Brown: 1834 - 1882
Grandmother of Emulus R. Brown
Hugh F. Brown and Margaret (Carter) Brown are buried on their former farm
Grathamís Field under two cedar trees, Dade Co., Missouri
Pictures provided by Wanda M. Coley of Springfield, Missouri

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