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Sehome Mariner Band

2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy
Bellingham, Washington

Craig C. Snyder, Director
Original rendering/sketch of the
Sehome H.S. Crest, 1967
You may email Mr. Snyder at: Sehome Mariner Band Logo,
created by Craig Snyder, 1987

Sehome Band Documents

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2016 - 17


Band Day 1 Sheet


PDF Day 1 Sheet Download:

Day 1 Sheet


Fall, 2016


Fall Band Calendar


PDF of Fall Band Calendar Download:

Fall Sehome Band Calendar


NAfME All-Northwest 2017:

Feb. 17 - 19, 2016 in Bellevue, WA

Misc. Student Handouts

1. 2017 NAfME All-NW Band audition material

Deadline for making recording: Friday, Sept. 30
[See Mr. Snyder for setting up recording time]

2. 2016 WMEA All-State Honor Band Info Packet - [with application forms]


1. 2017 All-NW & All-State Band Audition Material
NAfME All-Northwest 2017

2. 2017 All-NW & All-State Band Info Packet
[To be posted by WMEA on Sept. 1]

NAfME/WMEA All-Northwest/All-State Info Packet 2017

2016 - 17 School Year

Valid for the entire school year


Composite Travel Permission Form -

This is the permission form that the Band is using for Band trips during the year


PDF of Sehome Band Composite Travel Permission Form, 2016-17:

Student Travel Permission Form

For 2016 - 17 Travel

2016 - 17 School Year

Volunteer Clearance now valid for two years, once approved


Previously a form filled out each year, volunteers [parents and/or or friends of the program] will now be asked to register on-line, a much more convenient process, but one that will take 5 - 7 days to receive clearance to help in the classroom and on trips. [Now good for two years]

Here is a note coaches, advisers and music directors just received from Colin Cushman, Sehome Athletic/Activity Director:

"Our district has a new process for all volunteers. It is an on-line registration that every volunteer must fill out (even if you have done paperwork last year; all perspective volunteers must do the on-line clearance this year). The process is simple but the timeline to get cleared is not immediate. Once a perspective volunteer has done the on-line form it takes 5 to 7 days to get the clearance from HR. It is no longer possible to get clearance immediately for a person to volunteer."

Volunteer Clearance Process:

Link to on-line Volunteer Application System:

Volunteer Application System link

Driver Approval Form Download

Approval for use of Private/District Vehicles

As before, parent and other adult volunteers will still need to fill out the Driver Approval Form to voluntarily use a private/district vehicles for the transportation of pupils at Sehome



Sehome Band's "Pyramid of Success"



Based on John Wooden's,
"Pyramid of Success":

Pyramid of Success

Quotes of the Day

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Phone (360) 676-6481

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